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"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Claire Hajos from Fit to Drive.

Claire came highly regarded through a friend who had experienced Claire in the teaching all 3 of her kids to drive. Claire’s calm, direct, no-nonsense approach, along with practical tips along the way provided an invaluable start to our daughter’s driving. My daughter walked in the door after the first lesson and said “I like her, she taught me so much – she is firm but fair”! And that is exactly what we were looking for in a driving instructor.

Claire’s focus on safety and getting the very important basic skills in place, has given us the confidence to get in the car with our daughter for more practise hours.

Claire provided honest, realistic and ongoing feedback along the way to both the learner and to us as parents and was so flexible in fitting in around school times / pick up locations. We will continue with Claire’s lessons throughout the 120 hour journey that we are now a quarter of the way into, to ensure we stay on track and ready for that driving test!!"


"Claire came highly recommended as a driving instructor and we couldn’t be happier that we asked her to teach both of our daughter’s. I thought I could easily teach the girls what was required to pass their test but there are so many technical aspects that I couldn’t pass on to them properly. Claire knows all of the ins and outs in getting her students to the point they need to be at to pass their test, but above and beyond that, her first and foremost concern is ensuring they are safe drivers on the road. This is what I appreciated more than anything else. She is tough but fair and that is a necessity with a driving instructor. I have no hesitation in recommending Claire to colleagues and have already done that multiple times."

"My daughter had several driving lessons with Claire from "Fit to Drive” whilst on her L plates. It was the best thing we could have ever done for her! 

Claire is calm and in control, and certainly knows exactly what and how to teach young people to ensure they are safe and confident drivers. Claire knows all the essential insights and the small, effective tips that really helped our daughter to pass her driving test.  There is no doubt that Claire's expertise played a pivotal role in getting her over the line in her first attempt! It is a comfort for a parent to know their teenager has been taught to drive so well from the beginning.  

I highly recommend Claire from “Fit to Drive” - she’s a fantastic driving instructor."

"We are so grateful to Claire for her professional and thorough instruction teaching our son to drive. She covered a substantial number of teaching hours with him, from the very beginning pulling away from the curb to the end result passing his driving test (first try!).  Honestly, I don't think my husband and I were entirely confident we could equip our son with the skills and knowledge to pass his driving test without professional help.  Sydney traffic is crazy so it's vitally important they learn to drive with safety in mind.  Claire knows when to extend and challenge young drivers and when to pull back and cement their confidence. I am so reassured with the instruction Claire provided - when my son heads out in his car I can rest assured that he is a competent and mindful driver. ThanksClaire."

"I am delighted to recommend Claire Hajos as a driving instructor. I have known Claire for almost 10 years and in that time she has taught three of my children, with the fourth due to start with her soon. I was referred to Claire after talking with some friends about the daunting prospect of getting my first child ‘road fit’.

Claire tailors her lessons according to the learner’s needs – it is personalised, thoughtful and prepared, yet sufficiently flexible to change should the need arise.  Claire provides in the moment, clear, concise and honest feedback so that the learners understand what is expected of them, where they are doing well and what areas need focus and improvement.   And she is also prepared to tell learners what they don’t want to hear including when they have not followed instructions or have not been concentrating.

Claire provides similar feedback to the parents, again tailoring it to the parents needs.: sometimes I have wanted a text, other times a call, and sometimes I want a longer face-to-face conversation.  Claire is very open, and is comfortable to make the hard calls – your child is not ready to take the test. She is looking after the learner’s best interest and as a consequence I have always heeded her advice and my children have passed their drivers test first time.

Claire is extremely organised and plans ahead to accommodate specific requirements – Claire has picked up my children from school, the library, home and various stations, and dropped them where it suits.  Her attention to detail, composed manner and empathic nature are qualities that deliver results and many happy customers!

I have referred Claire to many parents and a couple of young adults and she has had a 100% success rate with all of them.  Claire’s authenticity and genuinely caring disposition enables her learners to succeed on the road, well beyond the final driving test."


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